Ceramic tile wall art from the COLORES COLLECTION. A collection of various handmade tiles in different glazes. Inspired by my trip to San Miguel De Allende. All pieced together in a handmade frame.

Details: Speciality ceramic tiles in a variety of glazes and finishes, in a painted handmade wooden frame, Signature on the back, 2022

Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches

This unique piece ships from Austin, USA

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.

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About this Artist

Eliana is a ceramic designer based in Austin, Texas. She creates unique tile designs handcrafted using custom clays and glazes formulated in her studio. Each tile is made in her studio through various slipcasting and ceramic production techniques. She merges traditional tile methods with fine art, setting her handmade tiles in wooden frames to adorn the home with. Her current collections are an exploration of surface design and materials, allowing curiosity to fuel her creativity. While her current collection features tiled wall art, she also works on large scale tile projects