Xinyi Liu

Xinyi Liu imprints mulberry paper with her skin and hand pressure. Human skin injects the paper with unpredictable textures, traces, veins, and patterns unique to the individual. The colors reflect flesh, dead skin, scars, and scabs. The fragments trace the stitching of wounds. The healing involves time and

Details: Mulberry paper and acrylic on wood, 2022, Signature and date lower right

Dimensions: 20 x 16 inches

This unique piece ships from New York, USA.

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.

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About this Artist

Xinyi Liu works with mulberry paper, which resonates with the thin and silky quality of human skin. She creates works that metaphorically mimic the processes of treating wounds to heal. Through her “medical” manipulation, they become her “second skin.” Like a doctor, she does surgeries for her work. She received her BA and BFA from Cornell University, and her MFA from Columbia University.