Alisa Barry

Enso is a prevalent symbol in the Japanese arts culture, Michi or Japanese arts and ways, which is universally known as the Circle of Infinity & enlightenment. Its traditionally Zen practice was studied repetitively for years, perfecting the calm and grace to realize the full potential and spiritual expression of ki or chi, energy. The brushstroke is one of deliberate and focused attention; a reflection of the artist’s state of consciousness on the page.

Details: Japanese ink on paper, 2022, Signature lower right

Dimensions: Framed: 18 x 14 ½ inches

This unique piece ships from Atlanta, USA in a black gallery frame.

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.

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About this Artist

Alisa Barry is an ever-evolving artist, chef, and creator with an inherent sensibility to capture the timeless beauty of the natural world. She has spent most of her life making beauty through the art of food, and now, she shares the same spirit of creation through the art of ink. She believes art and beauty together make magic in the world. Her work is a study, practice and exploration of the relationship between the sacred and the mundane. Her studio practice intention is about rethinking repetition and how discipline as devotion can transform everyday ordinary activities into meaningful ritual. She investigates these themes through a movement meditation practice using Japanese ink on paper. It’s been said that art is the salvation for the soul, and this practice becomes a prayer on the page. A portfolio of work is shown at the Bella Cucina storeXstudio in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia and in select exhibition shows.