Kaspian is an extension of Kristen’s dreamscape series that was born in early 2020 as an extension and evolution of her abstract linen works. The “dreamscapes” are a true depiction of the name almost appearing as they would in a dream - soft, ethereal and magical.

Details: Acrylic on Linen, Stretched on Stretcher Bars, Signature on Bottom Right

Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 1 3/4 inches

This unique piece ships with love from Georgia, USA.

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.

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About this Artist

Kristen’s work is a tangible vision of how she sees the world around her... broken down into shapes, paying attention to lines and curves and accentuating these discoveries. She chooses to paint on linen to achieve the effect of the perfect “bleed” of acrylics, letting colors become a part of the material. The layers of paint interact with the material of the linen canvas in unexpected ways, creating story and mood, in both her figural works and dreamscapes. The result is both edgy and soft, exuberant and reflective, a mirror of Kristen’s personal style and philosophy.