Architecture I

Architecture endures as a strong influence in Agathe Bouton’s work. Whether the buildings are a new block of offices or apartments, an abandoned warehouse, an old administrative center, or a half-demolished home, she is drawn to the history and lives they evoke. Agathe is attracted to their intrinsic beauty, whether that beauty comes from design or degradation or a combination of the two. Her Habitat & Urban Matter series, inspired by her new home, Philadelphia, is an interpretation of these buildings – sometimes in detail, sometimes with a broader view. These urban landscapes impress with grand facades, patchworks of broken windows, unique color palettes, and mirrored images of sky and nearby buildings. Her work evokes reflections of the lives lived within these spaces. Both finding and creating beauty in the urbanism that surrounds us, her work transmutes decay and deterioration into serenity, story, and hue.

Details: Monoprint and collage

Dimensions: Sheet: 12 ½ x 22 ½ inches

This unique piece ships from Philadelphia, USA

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.