Kismet Art Co. is pleased to present Future Medicine, a meditation on the marriage of modern medicine and ancient traditional practices as the foundation for the future of healing through the environments of color and sound. In this series, Mothh grapples with the skepticism that each school harbors toward the other, and the reality that patients in search of care may only have limited access to treatment as a result. However, Mothh is optimistic that a willingness to broaden one’s mind to a holistic approach that encompasses the best of each practice is our ideal Future Medicine.

The pieces in this series are titled in Latin—a nod to medical terminology—and represent the artist’s prescription for a balanced life that is open to a diversity of treatments. Rx: Effundo I & II are the much-needed remedy for the fast-paced, and at times, chaotic nature of today’s age, a reminder to release and let go, embracing a meditative practice. Rx: Otium I & II take this one step further and are a directive for idleness, as the artist recognizes that the more one stills their mind and body, the more one can ultimately create. On the contrary, Rx: Ferox Exultant Lucibus’ prescription for daily dance encourages spontaneous physical movement as a liberating healing practice. The globular, dark forms suspended in Rx: Amoveo II & III evoke a sense of isolation, the artist’s instruction for solitude to recharge. While it may seem incongruous to prescribe a drug for a course of treatment for wellbeing such as meditation or movement, Mothh seeks to reinforce the concept that modern medicine and traditional approaches each carry merit and can be more powerful when used in conjunction with one another, and her collection presents as a universal medicine cabinet. Beyond the intention imbued into these prescriptions, the artworks are vibrantly colored and boldly patterned, as the artist interprets the importance of incorporating design, color, and aesthetics into the home as a conscious practice for good health, ultimately underscoring the notion that art is vital to our health.


About this Artist

Mothh is a Taiwanese American artist who grew up in Georgia. When Mothh paints, her role becomes cartographer, giving shape to landscapes suspended in time. She paints places that people have been but have never seen; witnessing illuminates a part of them that remembers. The audience answers the call to remember who they are and where they came from, with the paintings serving as colorful mirrors reflecting back their spiritual bodies and celestial homes.

Mothh believes there is a certain frequency that reverberates through everything true. Her craft is attuned to that. She trains her body to listen and her hands are the medium. As a songwriter, Mothh's mediums are language and sound; as a painter, watercolor, ink, enamel, and resin; as a spiritual practitioner, light and energy. Each of these expressions speak more precisely to specific senses, but in their highest form speak directly to the spirit which translates into the language of all senses. Through this work, she strives to speak that language.