Hayley Murach

Los Angeles, CA, USA
She / Her

Raised in Sun Valley, Idaho, Hayley developed a deep connection to nature and an appreciation for
natural beauty. This landscape sparked her interest in photography and inspired her to capture its beauty.
It wasn’t until after she received a degree from UCLA that she was able to see a path towards a career in

The experience of the 2020 pandemic forged a lust for life and creativity within Hayley. This was the year
that Hayley decided to pursue photography full time, focusing primarily on portraiture and lifestyle using
both 35mm film and digital. With her collection at Kismet Art Co. she hopes her works provide someone
with a moment of solitude within the craziness of the day-to-day world.

Hayley Murach


Q: What is your first memory of creating art or being an artist?

A: I always loved photographing my friends growing up. I would set up these crazy photoshoots in my backyard – the whole works – the makeup, the wardrobe, the set design. It became something we did every weekend.

Q: What inspires your works? Are there specific colors, places, experiences, etc. that you draw inspiration

A: Raised in Sun Valley, Idaho, I was constantly surrounded by endless mountain ranges and rivers. I developed a deep connection to nature and an appreciation for natural beauty. This landscape sparked my interest in photography and inspired me to capture its beauty

Q: What type of camera do you shoot with and why?

A: I shoot both digital and film. I use a Canon 5D Mark III as well as a Contax G2. I love being able to create a specific aesthetic using my digital camera through post production, but I also love a point-and-shoot film camera to capture special, authentic moments in time.

Q: How does your photography practice relate to your work in digital marketing and social media?

A: Along with landscape photography, I love shooting fashion. Every single brand needs constant content for their creative marketing. A monthly lifestyle shoot of authentic dreamy photos is a requirement if you want your brand to grow in this age of social media. Ultimately, I aim to collaborate with inspiring creatives, providing visual content that is both high quality and on-brand. My goal is to showcase people and products in an aesthetic and strategic way that will market businesses visually and catapult their social channels to the next level.