"You go to any museum with Renaissance Art and nine times out of ten the women depicted as royalty, or members of high society are not women of color. If a woman of color is portrayed in these paintings, it is typically as a servant. There are countless stories untold of black royalty. Divinity. This piece is aiming to tell that story." – Brittany Maldonado

Details: Cold Press Print of Collage and Acrylic on Heavyweight Matte Paper, Signature on Back

Dimensions: 16x20 inches

Editions: 20

This unique piece ships with love from New Jersey, USA.

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About this Artist

“What made you start painting in that way?” That’s the first thing people ask me when looking at my work. Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of paper, all hand cut and glued together to express my long-standing battle with body image.

One day, I was flipping through a magazine, looking at all the bodies society perceives as perfect. Thin. Toned. Unscarred. I wanted to use these perfect bodies to create something beautifully “imperfect”. I started cutting the flesh from the pages and collaged a woman, with a body like mine, sitting in a corner surrounded by the headlines of that month's Cosmo magazine: “Look Leaner Naked.” “How To Get Flat Abs In Just One Week.” These false statements intended to make women feel like they weren’t enough. I felt empowered being able to dissect these false idols and create beauty by my own standards. Being able to visually embrace something I spent so many years of my life hating was healing. That’s where this journey began.

I try to translate my deep respect for the female body/psyche and the planet into my work. In a world where so many people are wasteful, I create from what would be cast aside as useless. 90% of my work is made from recycled materials. I aim to give life to things discarded. Stories silenced. Every paper, piece, person, matters.