Marcia Bianchi

“These works explore the space between movement and stillness, often expressed through the lively curves of the female form juxtaposed against an abstract ground. Through the use of oil paints and a subdued palette, my paintings are a translated state of mindI intend to capture the essence of whatever is behind a blank stare and draw attention to it. Motivated by my theory that if we confront the uncomfortable, we will find solace." – Marcia Bianchi

Details: Oil on Canvas, 2021, Signature on the Back

Dimensions: 40 x 30 inches

This unique piece ships from Toronto, Canada.

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.  

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About this Artist

Through the use of oil paints and a nude palette, I create figurative pieces with a hint of abstraction. My works are focused on the female form, inspired by both, the living woman, and also, the rigid sculpture. As a simple concept, self-care is often overlooked. I aim to address this lack, by creating pieces that reflect my interpretation of beauty. I find that beauty is not only the movement of the body, but also, the stillness of the mind. By bringing sculpture into the subject matter, I create a juxtaposition of movement and stillness, stop and go, life and death. In this way, my paintings intend to nurture the viewer — they bear the pause from which we cultivate the strength to continue moving.