Details: Acrylic and Pastel on Unstretched Canvas, Signature on Back

Dimensions: 73 x 56 inches

This unique piece ships from Brooklyn, USA.

Please note, an unstretched canvas will be shipped carefully in a tube. If you would like the piece stretched on a wooden frame, which will reflect a change in price, please email us at

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.


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About this Artist

Born and raised in California, Courtney now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is devoted to integrating the diverse influences in her life, seeking to open herself to a larger context, and connecting with a primal experience. Through the creative process, she strives to evoke a similar experience for the viewer, making thoughtful and meaningful connections come into focus. Courtney takes on each project with innate sensation and connection to craft her mission, creating an effortless sense that each stroke belongs on its surface, yet calls the viewer to return with her to a sense of what is within.

Courtney’s latest series: 'Where do you go?' presents her affinity for contrasting the simplicity of the line against abstract forms. For Courtney, life has a patterned nature of ebb and flow, she is drawn to exploring the effect of presenting contrasting relationships of ambiguous abstractions and the female form against one another––shaping and imbuing each with a new presence. Courtney's deliberate approach exhibits her enthusiasm of investigating the profoundly uncharted waters of mental health. The titles of these works illustrate places and experiences along the artist's path that have provided a sense of ground. Aspects of her experience are present in each stroke and line, stemming from a deep intuition and trust connecting mind and body, heart and soul.