Emily Keating Snyder

This series was about not holding back and letting unexpected colors come together. Rather than intellectualizing any hidden meanings, the focus is on the physical experience of seeing these colors interact. However, our minds thrive on creating associations, so the artist’s mind sees light blue and thinks “Calm” and sees a mustard color as “Gold Lion” in reference to a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song

Details: 2022, Acrylic and thread on raw, stretched canvas, Signature on the edge of the canvas

Dimensions: 18 x 22 inches

This unique piece ships from Los Angeles, USA.

Exclusive for Kismet Art Co.

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About this Artist

Emily Keating Snyder is a Los Angeles-based artist creating abstract paintings incorporating the tradition of embroidery. Her minimalist, textural paintings seek to unite craft with fine art by literally stitching thread through the canvas, presenting what was traditionally a women’s medium in the context of historically masculine painting. Emily studied art history and the art world in New York and Florence, cities that place huge value on high art, but also grew up sewing, making jewelry and building cardboard dollhouses. Her work is equally informed by it all. Emily’s pieces create a balance between rigidity and looseness, as spontaneous brushstrokes and raw canvas interact with intentional embroidered lines. Her process reflects her own internal dialogue between the free-flowing inner child and, at times, a compulsive perfectionist. Color is always the driving inspiration. The original spark of an idea for her current body of work was to create the experience of being immersed in color, with textural embroidery to focus the eye on the central painted color and its relationship with the hues around it.

Emily graduated from NYU in 2009. Her art has been featured by Real Simple, Emily Henderson, Clever, Anthropologie, SF Girl By Bay and Parachute Home.